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About Us


Hera English School, welcomes you to yet another successful year of learning and achievements. Situated in Mahapoli, Hera English School teaching methodology for junior KG to 10th grade. Further planning for junior college.

For almost two decades, our students and staff have strived towards becoming outstanding citizens of the world.

Along with Beautifully constructed infrastructure and well-maintained campus Hera English School also provide with high quality of education, highly qualified teachers and new technological equipment’s


A community with high expectation
and high academic achievement

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Our Achievements

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Assalamu Àlaikum

Respected Staff Members/Parents & Dear Students.

As the mission of the school says- "Enroll your children with our school, God willing, we will return them to you with the best of knowledge and human character".

I really believe that every child has a natural passion for something, a desire to learn new things, and certain attributes. Success is not by chance. It requires dedication, learning, sacrifice, and, most importantly, love for the task at hand.

With the help of our staff, we make an effort to accept and develop these attributes in the students. Education is a broad process that extends far beyond the curriculum. We provide a well-rounded curriculum that enables students to reach their full academic, athletic, and creative potential. Our extensive curriculum fosters in students learning and comprehension as well as a culture of inquiry, reflection, resilience, and independence.

We firmly think that in order to maintain our school's position as one of Bhiwandi's top educational institutions, we must give students the best possible chance to pursue their individual as well as worldwide potential.

All the best wishes to all my dear ones for your future. Always try to be a shining example on humanity.

Vision & Mission

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The purpose of Hera English School is to give kids the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in school and grow into kind, understanding leaders who see the big picture while acting locally. An amicable and productive cooperation with parents will help to improve the teaching and learning environment for the students. Children will gain respect for other cultures and communities through the school’s programmes and activities, preparing them to live in our increasingly multicultural society.

In partnership with teachers, Engaging Schools develops equitable and stimulating learning environments that support kids' academic, social, and emotional growth.

The Hera English School provides a balance education, defined by joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts, and services. We enable each student to be an inspired life, long learner, and a responsible compassionate global citizen.

At Hera English School, we give students the chance to develop their personal skills and sense of teamwork via collaborative learning in a stimulating, secure, and encouraging atmosphere. In addition to acquiring the knowledge, comprehension, and skills necessary for success in the twenty-first century, students also grow morally strong, particularly in their understanding of and respect for other people's cultures and religions, and they learn how to be active, responsible global citizens.

Prepare students to take on leadership roles and to take ownership of the care and protection of both people and the environment. Rise a generation of students who are filled with happy minds, positive attitudes, and compassionate hearts. Offer a curriculum with a global reach and structure that is yet rooted in tradition and values.

Create an environment where innovation, inclusivity, and creativity are valued in order to support students with a variety of learning needs on their road to lifelong learning while fostering empathy, understanding, and the confidence to act on one's convictions in order to contribute to society.

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