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Environmental Education at Islamic Schools in Mumbai

At Hera Islamic School in Mumbai, children learn about nature and how to take care of our Earth. Teachers help them understand why trees, animals, and clean air are important. Kids also discover simple things they can do, like not wasting water and picking up trash, to keep our surroundings clean. Through stories and activities, students develop a love for nature and learn to be kind to the environment. This way, they grow up knowing how to protect the Earth and make it a happy place for everyone.

Why Nature Matters

Nature is important because it gives us air to breathe, water to drink, and homes for animals. It's like a huge playground full of colors where we can explore and have fun. When we take care of nature, we are also taking care of ourselves. It's like making sure our home stays clean and safe. So, we should be kind to nature because it helps us live happily and healthy.

Trees Are Our Friends

Trees are like our big green friends. They give us shade, help us breathe by making clean air, and at Hera Islamic School, we learn to plant and take care of them. Trees are important, and we like having them around because they make our world better.

Saving Water Every Day

Water is important, and we should be careful with it. In school, we learn easy ways to save water, like closing the tap when we don't need it and fixing broken taps. It's important to use water wisely every day.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This means using less and finding new ways to use things again. We put our trash in the right bins to give old things a second life. It helps our planet by being careful with what we use and making sure we don't waste. Let's use less, find new ways, and put trash in the right bins to keep our world clean and happy.

Animals Need Our Help

At Hera Islamic School, we learn that animals are our friends, and we should help protect them. We study different animals and know that simple things, like not throwing trash, can keep them safe. Small actions matter, and at our school, we believe in doing our part to make a big difference for our animal friends.

Clean-Up Adventures

We go on clean-up adventures where we wear gloves and pick up trash from our school and nearby places. It's like being superheroes for the environment. We make sure our school and surroundings are clean and happy. Cleaning up is fun, and we feel proud to help the Earth stay healthy.

Our Beautiful Garden

Hera Islamic School has a lovely garden where we learn about many plants and flowers. It's like a colorful outdoor classroom where we can see, touch, and learn from nature. We also plant trees to help our society and make the Earth cooler. Our garden is a special place where we enjoy and understand the beauty of plants, and we do our part to take care of our world.

Taking Care of Our Air

We must keep the air clean for a healthy life. It's easy don't burn trash and use clean energy. When we do this, the air stays fresh and good for us. Clean air makes us feel better and helps everyone stay strong. Let's all do simple things to take care of our air.

Nature Walks and Talks

We take walks in nature to learn about the world outside our classrooms. Teachers share stories about plants, animals, and how everything is connected. It's like an adventure where we explore and discover cool things. We see different plants and animals, and we learn why they're important. Nature walks are like outdoor classrooms where we have fun, ask questions, and understand more about the amazing world around us.

Saying No to Plastic

Plastic is bad for the Earth. In school, we don't use plastic that we throw away after one time. We learn about better choices that are good for the environment. It's a small thing we do, but it helps a lot.

Being Earth's Helpers

At Hera Islamic School, we learn that we are like helpers for the Earth. We believe that even small actions can make the world better. It's like being in a big team to make our world a nicer place for everyone. We understand that everyone, no matter how little, can do something good for the Earth. It's important to work together to take care of our planet and make it a happy home for everyone.

Protect the World

At Hera Islamic School, we learn how to be good friends with nature. Our environmental education is about appreciating, respecting, and protecting the world we live in. We become Earth's little helpers by learning simple things. This helps make our school and our world a cleaner, greener, and happier place. We want to be good to the Earth, so we learn and do things that keep it clean and beautiful. It's like being a friend to nature, and together, we make our school and the world a better and more joyful home for everyone.