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How to use digital technology to improve knowledge by Hera Islamic School in Mumbai

At Hera Islamic School, using computers and tablets helps us learn in cool ways. Here's how we keep it simple:

Learning Games

We have a blast at Hera Islamic School playing games on computers that also teach us cool stuff. It's like having a fun game party mixed with learning time. These games make learning feel like a celebration, and we get to discover new things while having a great time. It's not just about playing; it's about having fun and growing our knowledge at the same time. So, it's like a party where our brains get smarter, and everyone is invited to join the excitement of learning through playful games.

Watching Videos

We learn to be kind, help others, and be strong when things are tough. The videos make our lessons more interesting, and we feel happy and inspired to be better students and good friends to everyone. It's like having a guide on the screen showing us the way to be a better person.

Reading E-Books

Reading e-books at Hera Islamic School is like having a whole library in a small tablet. We can read wherever we want, and it feels like magic! The tablet is our special bookshelf, and with just a touch, we can explore many stories and learn exciting things. It's like carrying a library in our hands, making reading super easy and fun. We love turning the virtual pages, and the tablet lets us take our favorite books with us wherever we go. It's like having a world of stories in a tiny device that fits right into our hands.

Drawing and Writing

It's like having a special pen that makes our ideas come alive on the screen. With these tablets, we create pictures and tell stories in a magical way. It's super fun because we can be creative and share our thoughts with everyone. The tablets help us turn our imagination into colorful drawings and exciting stories, making learning a joyful adventure at our school.

Exploring the Internet

We explore the internet for school projects, just like using a giant book full of endless knowledge pages. It's like having a magical tool that helps us find all the information we need. We learn cool things by clicking and reading on the screen. It's like having a library at our fingertips, and with a few clicks, we discover a world of facts and stories. Internet exploration makes our school projects exciting, and we feel like little adventurers finding treasures of information in the vast online world.

Talking to Friends

We type messages or share cool things we found online. It's a bit like passing notes in class, but everyone can join in. We get to share ideas, help each other, and sometimes just have a fun conversation. It makes learning feel like a friendly adventure, and we don't even have to be in the same room. It's like having our friends right there with us, even if they're far away.

Virtual Field Trips

We go on virtual field trips at school using computers. It's like going on exciting adventures without actually leaving our classroom. We see new places and learn interesting things on the computer screen. It's a bit like a magic window that takes us to different places and helps us explore the world from where we are. These trips make learning super fun, and we get to discover and experience cool things without packing our bags or going outside. It's like having a special adventure right at our desks.

Quizzes and Challenges

At Hera Islamic School, we have fun online quizzes and challenges to see how much we've learned. It's like playing a game with our classmates, and we try to answer questions and solve puzzles. These activities help us test what we know in a friendly way. Sometimes, it feels like a little competition, but the best part is learning new things together. Quizzes and challenges make our school days exciting and help us remember the cool stuff we've learned. It's like a friendly game that makes us smile and feel proud of what we know.

Staying Safe Online

Our teachers at Hera Islamic School make sure we're safe online. They tell us not to share personal stuff and to follow the rules. Staying safe on the internet is like wearing a shield. We listen to our teachers so we can be happy and secure while exploring online. It's like having a guide to help us enjoy the internet without any worries.

Make learning fun

Using computers and tablets is like having a special box of learning tools. It makes learning fun and feels like magic. We play games, watch videos, and read digital books. Drawing and writing become exciting on tablets, and we explore the internet for information. Talking to friends and taking quizzes online is like having cool adventures. Our teachers guide us to stay safe on the internet, making our learning experience a treasure full of fun and knowledge.