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Independence Day in Hera English Islamic School in Mumbai

Hera English Islamic School in Mumbai celebrates Independence Day with happiness and pride. This day is special for all of India, and our school is happy to be a part of it. We decorate our classrooms with the Indian flag and pretty decorations. Kids come to school dressed in the colors of our flag - orange, white, and green. We start the day with a special gathering where we raise the Indian flag, a symbol of freedom.

Celebrate Independence Day With Hera School.

Celebrate Independence Day With Hera School.

Everyone feels excited as we sing our national anthem and celebrate being a part of our great nation. After raising the flag, we do fun activities like singing songs, dancing, and talking about why Independence Day is important. These activities help the children understand the importance of freedom and the sacrifices made by our great leaders.

We also have drawing and painting contests with themes about this special day. It's a time to be creative and show love for our country through art. These activities help kids feel proud of their country and show everyone how talented they are. It's a fun way to celebrate and see how good the students are at art.

We learn about freedom and the leaders who helped our country become free. The teachers make history interesting by telling stories about the freedom struggle. We also get sweets to celebrate the joy of freedom.

Independence Day is not just about having fun; it's also about learning. We have special classes to understand important values like democracy, equality, and unity. Teachers explain these things in simple ways so we can understand.

Celebrate Independence Day With Hera School.

In Hera Islamic School in Mumbai, the march past is a special event where students march together in a disciplined and organized way. It's like a parade where students walk proudly in uniform, following a set pattern. The march past is usually part of important school events, celebrations, or ceremonies.

During the march past, students showcased unity, discipline, and teamwork. They walk in rows with synchronized steps, often led by a student carrying the school flag. It's a moment of pride for both the students participating and those watching. The entire school community, including teachers, staff, and parents, may gather to witness this impressive display of coordination.

Hera Islamic School in Mumbai grows trees on Independence Day. It's a happy day, and we plant trees to make our school more beautiful.

Planting trees is like giving a gift to our environment. We use this day to make our school a greener and nicer place. It's a way to show that we care about nature and want to make our surroundings better. Growing trees is a special thing we do to celebrate Independence Day at Hera Islamic School.

Celebrate Independence Day With Hera School.

On Independence day in hera english school students give speeches about those who did important things to make our nation better. The students share stories about these hardworking people and why we should be thankful to them. It's a way to honor and appreciate those who have worked for the good of our country. This helps everyone at school understand the importance of people who contribute to the progress and well-being of our nation. The speeches make Independence Day a time to remember and respect those who have made sacrifices for our country.

At the end of the day, we get small flags to take home, reminding us that we are part of a free country. We go home feeling proud and understanding why Independence Day is special. Hera English Islamic School teaches us to love our country and be responsible citizens.

Hera English Islamic School in Mumbai is happy to teach students to love and respect their country. When we celebrate Independence Day, it reminds us that learning is not only from books but also about growing up to be good and proud citizens of India. The school is proud to help kids become responsible and love their country.