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Internet Safety for Children at Hera Islamic School in Mumbai

The internet is fun, but we must stay safe. At Hera Islamic School, kids can follow easy tips. Balance online time with other activities, and learn about internet safety with parents or teachers. Together, we can have fun online and be safe at Hera Islamic School in Mumbai.

Ask for Help

If you're ever unsure about something on the internet, ask for help from adults, like parents or teachers, who are there to keep you safe. They can help you understand and navigate the online world. It's okay to ask questions and share your concerns with them. They want to make sure you have a good and safe experience online. Remember, talking to adults is a smart and responsible choice when you're not sure about things on the internet.

Ask For Help

Don't Share Personal Information

Keep your information safe online! Don't tell anyone your full name, where you live, the name of your school, or your phone number. It's like keeping a secret. Only share these things with your family or adults you trust. This way, you stay safe and protect yourself from people you don't know. Remember, it's important to keep personal things private when you're using the internet. So, be smart and keep your information just for you and the people who take care of you.

Learning Together

Talk to your parents or teachers about what you do on the internet. Learn together how to stay safe and make good choices online. Share what you enjoy and ask for help if something seems strange. By talking and learning with adults, you can have fun on the internet while making sure it's a safe and happy place for everyone. Remember, they are there to help you and guide you in making good decisions. Learning together is a great way to enjoy the internet and keep it a friendly space at Hera Islamic School in Mumbai.

Learning Together

Use Safe Websites

Only visit websites that your teachers or parents say are safe. Don't click on links from people you don't know—it's like not talking to strangers. Stick to the places your adults trust, and ask for their help if you're not sure. This way, you can enjoy the internet without any worries. Always remember, if someone you don't know sends you a link, it's better to ask adults before clicking. Safety first

Don't Talk to Strangers

It's important not to talk to strangers online, just like in real life. If someone you don't know tries to chat with you, tell adults. Adults are there to help and keep you safe. Never share personal information with people you haven't met before on the internet. Remember, talking to adults about these things is a good choice, so you can have fun online while staying safe and protected at all times.

Tell Someone If You Feel Uncomfortable

If something on the internet makes you feel uncomfortable or scared, don't keep it to yourself. Tell adults right away, like your parents or teachers. They are there to help and keep you safe. It's important to share your feelings with someone you trust so they can support you and make sure everything is okay. Don't be afraid to speak up – telling adults is the right thing to do when something online doesn't feel right.

Think Before You Post

Before you put pictures or words on the internet, think about how it might make others feel. Be careful with what you share. Think if it's something kind and good. Don't post things that can hurt or make someone sad. Use nice words and be thoughtful. Online words and pictures stay for a long time, so it's important to be kind. Be mindful of your actions, and remember that what you post can affect others. Let's use the internet to spread happiness and be good to each other.

Use Strong Passwords

To keep your accounts safe, use strong passwords. Strong passwords have a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. This makes it harder for others to guess. Avoid using easy-to-guess passwords like your name or birthday. Instead, create a combination that only you know. Remember, a strong password helps protect your online things, like games or email. So, when making a password, use a mix of letters (like A or B), numbers (like 1 or 2), and symbols (like ! or #). Stay safe by keeping your passwords strong and secret.

Use Strong Passwords

Balancing Screen Time

Doing different things is good. Don't spend all your time on the computer or phone. Go outside to play, read books, and be with your family. It's like having a mix of fun things. Balance means having some of everything, not just one thing all the time. So, playing, reading, and being with family are good things to do. It's like having a tasty mix of activities, and that's how we make sure we're happy and healthy. Balancing is like having a little bit of everything, and that's how we make our days full and nice.

Be Kind and Respectful

Always use kind words and treat people with respect on the internet. It's important to be friendly and think about others when you talk online. Whether you're chatting, playing games, or sharing things, use nice words. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Makes the internet a happy place for everyone so they can learn and have fun at Hera Islamic School in Mumbai.