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Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti at Hera Islamic School in Mumbai

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti is a special day at Hera Islamic School in Mumbai. It's a day filled with colors, joy, and learning as we remember and celebrate the life of Mahatma Gandhi, a great leader in India. Gandhi's teachings of peace, unity, truth, and justice are at the heart of our commemoration.

The day begins with a lovely gathering where we come together to talk about Gandhi's life and the values he stood for. The school looks bright and lively, reflecting the cheerful spirit of the occasion. We engage in both fun and educational activities to make the day memorable for everyone.

Educational Activities

Students actively participate in creating posters and artwork that depict significant moments from Gandhi's life. These artistic expressions serve as a visual tribute to the leader who played a crucial role in India's history. The process of making these artworks becomes a learning experience as students delve into Gandhi's principles.

Special Assembly

A highlight of the day is our special assembly, where students deliver speeches and showcase performances. Through these presentations, we bring Gandhi's life to the forefront. Students act out scenes from his life, illustrating the impact of his teachings on our world. Patriotic songs are sung, echoing the sentiments of unity and freedom that Gandhi passionately advocated.

Promoting Cleanliness

In line with Gandhi's emphasis on cleanliness, we take part in cleaning our school premises and nearby areas. This not only instills a sense of responsibility in our students but also contributes to creating a clean and hygienic environment. It's our way of honoring Gandhi's vision for a cleaner and healthier nation.

Community Engagement

Mahatma Gandhi believed in the power of community service. On this special day, we extend our efforts beyond the school gates. Students actively participate in community service, such as providing food to those in need. By reaching out to the community, we embody Gandhi's principles of compassion and service.

Guest Speakers

We invite guests who share their insights on how Gandhi's ideas remain relevant in today's world. These guests help us connect the past with today and show how Gandhi's way of thinking still matters. The talks teach us valuable lessons from Gandhi's teachings, and it's a chance for us students to understand his wise ideas that never get old.

Promising to Follow Gandhi's Principles

As the day comes to a close, we gather to make a collective promise to uphold Gandhi's principles in our daily lives. This pledge is a symbolic commitment to practising kindness, making a positive impact, and cherishing the teachings of this exceptional leader.

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti at Hera School is not just a day of celebration; it's a day of respect, learning, and doing good deeds. It serves as a reminder for all of us – students, teachers, and staff – to embody the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, be kind to one another, contribute positively to society, and carry forward the legacy of a remarkable leader.