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SCHOOL CODE: 27210111805


Our beautiful School Campus infrastructure located in Mahapoli with both primary and secondary schools. Since its construction in 2000, the school has undergone modification to meet the needs of our students, parents, and faculty.

The school Campus is made up of a big school building, playground, and school garden. We have computer and science labs for the students and a hostel on campus.

In a huge structure within a sprawling campus, we have:

  • Spacious classrooms with graceful and comfortable sitting arrangements.
  • Classrooms provide good ventilation for a better learning environment.
  • A large, modern computer lab.
  • Science labs equipped with modern apparatus.
  • Spacious Lobby for Parents and visitors.
  • Front Desk / Reception Cell.
  • Well maintained school playground.
  • A newly constructed hostel for the students.


The school has physics, chemistry, and biology labs that are thoughtfully designed and outfitted in accordance with SSC standards.


Hera English School has set up a well-equipped computer lab with the most up-to-date configuration system so that students can excel in the field of computer education. This is done to be in the information technology process.