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Top 7 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities in Hera Islamic School in Mumbai

Fun Learning

At hera islamic school in mumbai extracurricular activities make learning fun for students. When they do things like sports, arts, or clubs, it's not like regular classes; it's more enjoyable. They get to learn new and exciting things while having free time. Whether it's playing sports, doing art, or being part of a club, it's all about making learning fun and interesting. So, instead of just sitting in class, they can do activities that bring smiles and laughter, making the whole learning experience really cool and exciting.

Friendship building

Making friends is fun, and being in a team or club at school makes it easier. When students join activities they like, they meet others who enjoy the same things. It's like finding buddies who share their interests, making school more fun. Whether it's playing sports or being in a club, doing things together creates strong friendships. This not only makes school enjoyable but also helps them feel connected and happy. So, joining teams or clubs is like making a bunch of friends who love the same stuff, and it makes the school experience much better.

Confidence Boost

Doing things like sports or being on stage helps students feel more confident. When they play a sport or perform, they become sure of themselves. This confidence is like a superpower that helps them tackle problems with a happy mindset. It's not just about the activity itself; it's about believing in themselves. So, whether they score a goal or say lines on a stage, these experiences boost their confidence. It's like having a strong feeling inside that says, "I can do it!" This self-assurance is a great tool for facing challenges in a positive way.

Time Management

Doing schoolwork and activities helps kids learn how to manage their time. It means figuring out when to do homework, practice, and other things they need to do. Learning this skill is super important for their future. It's like having a plan for the day, making sure everything gets done without feeling too busy or stressed. So, when kids do both school and fun stuff, they're like little time-management experts, getting ready for whatever comes their way as they grow up.

Leadership Skill

Being part of activities helps students become leaders. When they do things with others, they learn how to be a good team player. They also figure out how to be in charge and take responsibility. These skills are like practice for when they grow up and have important jobs where they need to lead others. So, by being in clubs or sports teams now, they're getting ready for the future. It's like learning to be a captain of a team, and that's really cool because one day they might be in charge of big things and help others do their best.

Well Rounded Development

Doing fun activities outside regular classes helps kids become good at lots of things, not just school stuff. It's like learning to be smart in different ways. They make friends, feel confident, and learn how to manage time. Also, these activities teach them to work well with others and even be leaders. It's like growing into awesome people who are not just good at books but also good with friends and strong inside. This helps them be ready for life outside school, where they'll need all these skills to do well and be happy.

Discovering Passion

Doing after-school activities helps students find things they really like. These activities show them different interests, and sometimes they discover talents or passions they didn't know they had. It's like finding a secret skill or something they love to do. This is important because what they enjoy now might become their job or career in the future. So, by trying out different activities, students get a chance to explore what makes them excited and happy, and this can guide them towards choosing a career path that they truly enjoy. It's like a journey of discovering what they love to do.