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Why water is life a lesson by Hera Islamic School in Mumbai


At hera islamic school in mumbai we teach to keep the ocean clean because it's like a big home for many animals and plants. Fish, dolphins, and even tiny creatures live there. When we throw trash or plastic into the ocean, it can hurt them and make the water dirty. Oceans also give us food, like fish, and help make the weather nice. If we don't take care of the ocean, it can become sick, and the animals won't be happy. So, we want to keep the ocean clean to make sure everyone, including us, can enjoy a healthy and happy home.

Water is Precious

Water is a special present from God. It's super important for everything on Earth. We drink it, cook with it, and make our food grow. Plants and animals can't live without water either. Because it's so important, we must be really careful with this wonderful gift. Let's use water wisely and not waste it. Taking care of water is like saying thank you to God for giving us such a great gift.

Oceans are Home to Many Creatures

Our Earth has huge oceans where fish, dolphins, and turtles live. These oceans are like cosy homes for them. Just like we need clean water to be healthy and happy, these sea creatures need it too. Clean water helps them stay strong and live their best lives.

Why Oceans Get Dirty

Oceans get dirty when people throw trash like plastic bags and bottles into the water. This harms the sea creatures living in the oceans. We should never throw garbage into the water because it hurts God's creations. It's important to keep the oceans clean so that the animals can be happy and healthy. This way, we can show kindness to the creatures God made and take care of the beautiful oceans He created for us.

Plastic is Harmful

Plastic is not a friend to our oceans. It causes big trouble because it doesn't go away easily. Imagine if you were a sea animal, and you got stuck in plastic or ate it without knowing! That would be bad, right?

We must be careful with our plastic. Always put it in the correct bins when we're done using it. Why? Because when we recycle plastic, it gets a new life, and it won't hurt our oceans. It's like giving plastic a chance to become something useful again.

How We Can Help

Plastic is not a friend to our oceans. Try to use less plastic, like using a reusable water bottle instead of a plastic one. When we use less plastic, we help keep our oceans happy and healthy.

When we finish using plastic, let's put it in the recycling bin. Recycling is like giving plastic a second chance to become something new. It's like magic for the Earth

If we go to the beach or any place with water, we should always pick up our trash. It's like cleaning up our toys after playing. Throw the trash in the bins so it doesn't go into the water and make our ocean friends sad.

We are all friends on this big Earth. Tell our friends, family, and even our teddy bears about how important it is to keep our oceans clean. When everyone knows, we can work together to protect our oceans. At our school, we learn not to throw plastic anywhere because it harms our Earth.

Pray for Clean Water

We can also ask God to bless us with clean water and to help us take care of His creation. A simple prayer to god, please give us clean water and help us protect the oceans and the creatures living in them" is a good way to show our gratitude.

It's a Special Gift

Water is a special gift that helps everyone and everything on Earth. Our oceans, big water homes for many animals, need our love and care. We learned that keeping them clean is super important. It's like a big team effort. If we all work together, we can make a big difference. So, let's be friends with the oceans and keep them clean and shiny. Our small actions can have a big impact, and we can make the world a better place for everyone. Water is life, and by keeping our oceans clean, we are making sure that life stays wonderful for a long, long time. That's what we teach at Hera Islamic School in Mumbai.